The use of the email requires good sense, specially in a corporate environment

Quite often dozens of emails on the same subject are exchanged with several people, inside companies. But couldn’t this exchange of emails be avoided?

The current corporate environment demands agile ways of communication, that increase employees’ productivity and prevent them from being stuck with routine tasks. With IPBRICK.CAFE, the Digital Workspace of IPBRICK, this need to exchange emails seems to be coming to an end. And now you ask, but how? It’s very simple, any information that you wish to exchange with a user or group of users starts being shared through the publications feed of IPBRICK.CAFE, in a private way, for a specific group, or in a public way, for all users, being also possible to attach documents to its publication. This way, not only the exchange of information and reactions is instantaneous but also the information is centralized, in a single place, instead of being exclusively restricted to the employees’ electronic mailboxes, and easily searchable by any participant in the publication.

In addition, if you use iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution of IPBRICK, document sharing can be done directly from iPortalDoc to IPBRICK.CAFE.

Watch the new video and find out the advantages of using IPBRICK.CAFE to reduce the exchange of emails inside the companies.

If you want to try the solution, you just need to ask for a test account for the demonstration scenario