IPBRICK Videoconference, virtually eliminates distances

If you already use IPBRICK technology, know that you have a solution available that allows you to communicate through videoconference/videocall, voice, professional chat and e-mail, at no additional cost! That’s right, at no additional cost!

If you are using this solution yet, talk to us. We will explain you everything so you can start taking advantage of these, and other, features.

If, on the other hand, you want to try the solution, just ask for an account to test it at https://cafe.ucoip.net.

With the videoconference solution of IPBRICK, which is accessible through IPBRICK.CAFE, we connect people, work teams and companies to partners or directly to their clients. Eliminating distances but keeping a fluid, fast and effective communication, saving time and money in travels.

And, to use in conference rooms, IPBRICK solution is compatible with any type of hardware.

Get to know all features of IPBRICK.CAFE here.