Over 500 employees of the Intergraph Multinational use IPBRICK technology

“For the client Intergraph, IPBRICK “offers” an accessible VoIP solution, that doesn’t require you to be a specialist in Linux or Asterisk to manage it, without any hidden licensing costs and with an excellent support”.


With over 50 offices, in almost every country in Europe, Intergraph, subsidiary of the Hexagon AB, currently employs more than 1600 people. Intergraph operates in three specific divisions. At Hexagon PPM, unorganized data is transformed into intelligent and actionable information that enables the smarter design, construction, operation and management of industrial projects, including: oil & gas, power generation, AEC building infrastructure, metals & mining, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer goods. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure provides mission-critical and business-critical software solutions to governments and services providers. Hexagon’s Geospatial division, global leader in digital solutions, creates Autonomous Connected Ecosystems, where data is seamlessly connected through the convergence of the physical world with the digital and intelligence is built into all processes, and solutions that visualize location intelligence.


With a communications center becoming obsolete, and with high maintenance and licensing costs, Intergraph EMEA decided to do a market research on the best solutions to replace its old telephone centers by a modern communications system. After making a proof of concept, it chose the Communications solution (VoIP) of IPBRICK. Thanks to the use of IPBRICK technology, all phones, in the different offices, are automatically provisioned.
With approximately 500 users of the technology, Intergraph relies on 12 operational IPBricks in: Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Madrid), Italy (Rome and Milan), Netherlands (Hoofddrop), Dubai, England (Swindon, Dervy e Runcorn), France (Paris), Germany (Dusseldorf and Munich), Norway (Sandnes) and even in Zurich, Switzerland.


With IPBRICK’s VoIP solution, Intergraph ensured the acquisition of modern equipment, saved costs with hardware and licensing. Besides, only a small Administration training was necessary to empower the client to manage and maintain the VoIP center.