Information Security…It’s worth giving it some thought!

The possible leak of confidential data of a company represents one of the main concerns when we talk about information security. But the truth is that a large number of companies, lured by the apparent cost reduction, is accommodating the companies’ systems, with confidential information, in the biggest Public Cloud Providers. But are these companies aware that this change leaves companies’ confidential information, such as phone calls outside of the internal domain, susceptible to be accessed by people who are unknown to the company? And the same happens when we think about the email storage or even the use of solutions for file sharing. Have you ever thought about the consequences of having the most precious asset of the companies exposed? Wouldn’t it be safer for companies to save their information in a Private Cloud Provider, managed by people they know and trust?

Don’t be taken by surprise, remember that there are still solutions in the market, such as IPBRICK, that ensure complete confidentiality and ownership of the companies’ information.

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